Real recognize real. Last night, Drake took a break from his ongoing Aubrey & The Three Amigos tour to enjoy some music as a fan. As such, he hit up the Detroit stop of the On The Run 2 tour to catch Jay-Z & Beyonce live and direct. Naturally, Drizzy was granted-side stage access, spending the the quiet moments mingling and networking like a true champion. After the set, Drake made sure to catch up with his longtime collaborator, with whom he laid down bangers like “Light Up,” “Pound Cake,” and “Talk Up.” 

Greeting each other like long lost homies, Jay and Drake dapped up and proceeded to share ideas. Afterward, the pair linked up for a photo for the ages. One has to wonder where Beyonce might be; perhaps she took the photograph, or was off catching up with DJ Khaled, who was also in attendance. In any case, it’s clear that Jay-Z and Beyonce have some serious pull.

It does raise the question of whether or not The Carters will return the favour. After all, Drake and Migos are set for a pair of Detroit shows, kicking off tonight and tomorrow. It wouldn’t be surprising to see hip-hop’s biggest power couple standing stage-side; perhaps Jay-Z will even hold it down for a brief guest spot. Clearly, Detroit rap fans are eatin’ right now.