Travis Scott’s latest piece of work, Astroworld, is garnering rave reviews and millions upon millions of streams. While the album was conceptualized and performed immaculately, the mixing was spotty on a few records. Mike Dean, who usually engineers for Kanye West, had his hands all over Astroworld, and some fans are blaming him for the mixing inconsistencies. Some tracks peak, or become distorted, when the volume is turned up, while other songs ride out just fine when blasted at high levels. It was Nav’s verse on “Yosemite” that really threw everybody off though. His verse sounded muffled, and less impactful sonically than Travis’. Although Nav only has a short moment on the track, it stood out. He even took to Instagram to joke about how his verse was mixed horribly.

It appears that Travis Scott and Mike Dean have heard the jokes and comments online, because Nav’s verse has been updated. The volume has been turned up and the quality of the sound also appears to have been tweaked. Now, Nav’s short outro is sonically on par with Gunna and Travis Scott. At first, the update only appeared on Apple Music, but it appears the Tidal and Spotify have also received the new mix as well.