Mike Dean

Real Name
Michael "Mike" G. Dean
Alias Name
Freaky Dean
Date of Birth
Jan. 1, 1970 - Age 54
Houston, Texas

Artist Bio

With three decades in the game and more production to his name than is appropriate to share, Texas driller Mike Dean is hip-hop’s man behind the curtain.

Working extensively with Southern heavy hitters like UGK and the Geto Boys, the producer born Michael G. Dean made a name for himself as one of the most dependable mixers and studio musicians in 90’s hip-hop.

Moving into the 21st Century, Mike Dean stayed on top through his alliance with Dr. Kanye West, mixing Yeezy’s early albums, and working his way up creatively into the role of songwriter/producer. The hardest working man in the game, Mike Dean is now Kanye’s most frequent collaborator, with production credits on almost every song from West’s last three solo LPs (MBDTF, Yeezus, TLOP). Staying hyper relevant, Mike Dean has production credits on everything GOOD Music, from Cruel Summer to Desiigner’s much-anticipated New English mixtape.

If that doesn’t sell him for you, rumor has it Mike Dean once out-smoked Snoop Dogg. Legendary.