Fresh off the success of “Everyday We Lit,” PnB Rock told Billboard about how far he had come as an artist and a person. “I feel blessed and humbled like it’s unbelievable for people like me who come from Philly — my block Pastorious and Baynton — to achieve something like this,” he said.
“It’s one of those things that every up-and-coming artist wants, like that official stamp of approval,” Rock offered. “It just lets the world know you’re an official artist and you’re really out here making waves and moves. Before I was making music, I was homeless, I didn’t have all the girls or any friends — and now I have everything that I wanted.”

“New Coupe” is all about the flex, the envy and the respect that comes with the increased notoriety and affluence.

Quotable Lyrics

I pulled up in that new coupe, I feel like I’m Bruce Wayne
Diamonds in my teeth, yeah, they shine like Johnny Dang
Your bitch wanna fuck ’cause she’s seen my brand new chain 
And she see I’m up and I’m flexin’ wit my gang