Previously unreleased music by Future & Young Thug has just hit the scene, and with good reason: Their song “Upscale” which would have featured Quavo sees the troika benefiting from the same Cassius Jay-produced beat which became Cardi B’s “Drip” from her big label debut Invasion of Privacy. Now rendered illegal to use, it’s entirely possible the all-inclusive members leaked the record on their own accord. It suffices to say, that “Upscale” is by no means an embarrassing relic they would have preferred hiding from view.

The origin of “Upscale” can probably be traced back to the duo’s collaborative album Super Slimey from last year. An album noted for moments of pure elation, couched between the general nausea of their lean-inspired field of vision. Future and Young Thug even marked their partnership by getting adjacent BFF tattoos. Sadly “Upscale” can’t be considered a meaningful addition, especially after Cardi B colored our expectations by busting out real hunnids for her metallic Bentayga.

Future and Young Thug spend the course of “Upscale” fawning over a woman “thick like Buffy.” For those who may have forgotten the rise of Buffie the Body, as model employed and ogled by hip hop practitioners. Interestingly enough, Buffie has transitioned right into a career as a personal trainer. Check out “Upscale” right here (via Complex).