Lil Tay Exposed By Mother’s Former Employer As A Fraud

Lil Tay reportedly used her mother’s employer’s cars in her videos.

BYAlex Zidel
Lil Tay Exposed By Mother’s Former Employer As A Fraud

Over the last few months, Lil Tay has been the talk of the internet. Touting herself as the "youngest flexer of the century," the nine-year-old has been spotted in exotic cars and luxury real estate, flaunting her supposed wealth by throwing money around and using an impressively vulgar vocabulary. While she claims that she will soon begin a rap career after her possible signing to Rich Forever, things began to go downhill for the young Instagram star when reports were released that her mother was fired from her job as a realtor. Details have now broken out about that situation and it appears as though Angela Tian is leaving the company under her own will.

According to Global, a Canadian news outlet, Tian resigned from her position as a realtor after it had become clear that she was using her boss' cars in Tay's videos. According to David Yang, the managing partner of Pacific Evergreen Realty, Lil Tay's mother had asked if it was alright for her children to take photos with his Mercedes 500 SL, to which he initially did not see a problem with. When he realized that Tian was filming her daughter in inappropriate Instagram videos, he says that he felt "taken advantage of," noting that he would never have let Tian use the car had he known the intended purpose.

According to the news outlet, Lil Tay also used her mother's luxury real estate connections to flex in homes that did not belong to her family. Direction appears to have been given to Lil Tay to act a certain way by her mother, creating an internet persona that may have worked for a few minutes but it is now running its course.

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