Cardi B has created language settings having the form of a caged animal. Sometimes Cardi may appear calm, but then out of nowhere a tourret sounds off in her excitable brain and she can’t help but vocalize it. Edited videos appearing on YouTube have immortalized her sound effects, with a Youtube channel called LEAP even documenting her exploits along a historical timeline. Her self-referential humor even made its way on a highly-publicized Super Bowl commercial, where she becomes the VoiceOver for an AI-assisted device.

The latest testament of her winning personality comes in the form of a fan-edited trailer for Star Wars. The video which has amassed millions upon millions of views, is the latest installment in the meme series depicting Star Wars with different voice editing. This Cardi B version seems to have outdone the other iterations of the prized meme, by a fair margin. Take a look for yourself:

Other notable Internet hits in the same vein are Owen Wilson’s “Wow” dub in the place of lightsaber rattling, and the video in which Count Dooku, Anakin & Obi Wan go to battle over a chorus of “Do It” in repeated measure. Within the scope of Internet Meme culture, both Star Wars and Cardi B give us endless hope and amusement. She is after all, a born entertainer.