Over the course of several weeks, Young Buck and 50 Cent have been involved in a heated feud. The two former G-Unit rappers used to be close allies and now, they want the worst for the other. Their beef was renewed when Buck took to his social media channels to call out his former affiliate, asking why 50 Cent has been preventing him from dropping new music to complete the terms of his agreement with G-Unit Records. As you surely know by now, 50 Centdoes not take kindly to critics or anybody that wants smoke with him. He made it his personal mission to destroy Young Buck's career, calling him out for allegedly dating a transgender woman and using that as his primary piece of ammo. Overnight, he actually created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Buck and now, Curtis' rival is speaking out with some harsh words.

Taking to Instagram, Buck decided to continue his narrative from last week, telling Fiddy that he has what it takes to finally take him down. "Now.... Curtis/Kanan/Boo Boo," wrote the rapper, using his Power alias. "You Know Your Days Are Numbered." He kept the message simple, going off of what he said last week when he told Fiddy that he would destroy his career. Considering how close Young Buck and 50 Cent once were, the man has to have some pertinent information that could actually hurt 50's legacy. Do you smell cap or could this be legit?