Of course, the cannabis gods were looking out for us today as, on 4/20, Wiz Khalifa has revealed the release date of his next album. On the international day of weed-smoking, one of the premier stoners has taken to Instagram to let us all know when to expect his upcoming project. Releasing the official version of his "4/20 Freestyle" today, Wiz was not done as he revealed that his next album would be arriving on July 13. Although fans still have a while to wait before cracking out the KK to enjoy the suggested Khalifa Kush, at least a date has been scheduled for people to continue to look ahead towards. The official album title is a toss-up between Rolling Papers 2 and Khalifa Kush but if recent tweets are to be considered, Wiz is leaning towards RP2.

With Kanye West dropping two albums, Drake's "Scorpion" and today's J. Cole release, the upcoming months are looking to be stellar for hip-hop in terms of variety. With bigger-name artists like Nicki Minaj throwing her name in the hat, this summer could be legendary for album releases, and Wiz is sure to do his part to drop off a few bangers of his own. While it was suggested that his next full-length would be the follow-up to Rolling Papers, the weed ambassador decided to possibly one-up himself by tentatively naming the album after his own strain of marijuana.

It's not a proper 4/20 without a Wiz Khalifa announcement. Maybe when Snoop wakes up he'll announce an album himself. In the meantime, check out our 4/20 Wake & Bake playlist to get yourself tuned into the greatest holiday in the world.