Lollapalooza was basically Cartipalooza last night, with the Atlanta rapper dominating the music festival and turning up the crowd before headliner Miley Cyrus performed. The audience was lit during his show, dancing and moshing to his Whole Lotta Red hits, including "Punk Monk," "Sky," and "Rockstar Made." Fans have been raving over his performance, with some claiming it might have been the most animated Carti show in a long time. Obviously, after such a long hiatus from the stage, Carti (and every other artist!) is excited to get back to performing, and he made the most of it on Thursday night.

Backstage, a few of Carti's peers were turning up, including Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J, who clearly loved everything they heard.

Posting a video of themselves dancing during "New Tank," Wiz Khalifa gave the camera some major stink face and motioned to the camera on the beat. Juicy J was by his side, masking up and jumping to the track, clearly having a good time.

It's nice to see Wiz and Juicy having fun together and supporting the new generation. Playboi Carti has been in this position for a minute but he continues to be one of the best showmen in rap. Watch Wiz and Juicy J turning up to his concert below.