Despite coming off of the biggest year in his career, Travis Scott has continued to stay in the studio pumping out new content and experimenting with new compositions. Coming off of the heels of his new Cactus Jack Records collaborative musical offering, JackBoys (2019), and still thriving off of the success of his latest solo effort, Astroworld (2018), Travis Scott previewed a track he produced alongside XO rapper, Nav

At an undisclosed location, both Nav and Travis Scott sat behind a DJ booth with a laptop that contained the unreleased track. The red-tinted room filled with fortunate first-time listeners were able to receive the audio in the perfect environment. The two artists stood side by side, necks full of glistening jewelry, nodding in rhythm to the instrumentation of the song. From the audible components of the track, both Nav and Travis Scott utilized heavy amounts of autotune while splitting their verses to short eight-bar increments. 

While Nav might have had an online spat with Akademiks recently, Nav has been able to produce a quality body of work in the form of his latest LP, Bad Habits (2019), which dropped early last year. With how much music Travis Scott is known to hoard, there's no telling when this collaboration will be available for the masses to partake in. But for now, check out the clip of Nav and Travis Scott previewing their joint song in the video provided below.