Wheezy has been kicking it with a sparkly squad that includes NAV, Gunna, and The Weeknd's manager, Amir "Cash" Esmailian. In the spirit of this generation's "picture or it didn't happen" concept, Wheezy posted a photo of the group to his Instagram today. The four music heads posed in front of a private plane. The homie, The Weeknd, might have been the one snapping the picture. Who knows? Either way, it is safe to say that new music may be on the horizon.

Numerous collaborations have already been birthed between members of this new crew. NAV has previously collaborated with his Canadian fellow, The Weeknd. You can find the artists' respective styles coalescing on NAV's "Some Way," a track off his self-titled debut. NAV can be found alongside Metro Moomin on Gunna's "Carsick." Gunna returns the favor by adding his own sauce to NAV's "Eat." As for Wheezy, well, he has been jamming behind the scenes with all the current favorites. This includes, from our pictured batch, Gunna for his track "Don't Give Up." 

Between all of these collaborations, fans can start speculating about what a collaborative project featuring these players might sound like. In the meantime, they can check out our latest Fire Emoji playlist.