Fresh off the release of his supposed final album Born 2 Rap, The Game is still running the press circuit to promote the body of work, revealing new tidbits about it each time. During an interview at Real 92.3 LA, the iconic rapper spoke about his process behind creating the 25-track ensemble, telling the hosts that he actually recorded upwards of 600 records for it. Speaking on his sample selection, the dope cover art, and more, The Game touched on some of the hottest rap feuds of all time, discussing last year's debacle between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. Near the end of the chat, he declared an official winner in that beef, confidently handing the dub to Machine Gun Kelly. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

When the question was posed regarding who came out on top last year, The Game was honest about who really won. "I would have to say, speaking honestly, I would say Machine Gun Kelly," said Game. "I feel like Em did what I expected Em to do but nothing to catch up to where hip-hop is today. I feel like Machine Gun Kelly really gave his all like a young dude. Eminem was Eminem... it was great. Before I heard Machine Gun Kelly, I was like, ‘Oh Eminem.’"

Elsewhere in the interview, The Game also says that Nas won his feud against Jay-Z. Watch the video below at the 15-minute mark.