Since appearing on Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition alongside her former flame Vado, Tahiry Jose's name has been ensnarled in conversations about domestic violence. The model and reality star made headlines after disturbing scenes were featured on WeTV's couples-based reality show. In one segment, Tahiry became angry with Vado so she pelted him in the face with apples. In another, he unexpectedly grabs her by the collar and threatens her. Tahiry later came forward to thank supporters as she continued to vocalize alleged previous instances of past domestic violence in other relationships while Vado apologized for his actions. 

Later, Tahiry named her ex-boyfriend Joe Budden as someone who allegedly broke her nose and pushed her down the stairs. Budden replied to the accusations by calling his ex a liar and clout chaser who is also abusive, and now, Tahiry's Love & Hip Hop co-star is sharing his observations. During the taping, there was a scene where Tahiry "spiraled out of control," and Jonathan Fernandez is claiming that what the audience saw was but a small portion of a much bigger altercation.

"For you to sit here in this interview with [Hollywood Unlocked's] Jason Lee where you're unraveling about so many things—you're a victim to me, you're a victim to Vado, you're a victim to Joe Budden, you're a victim to so many people. And it's like, at what point, the huge star that you are Tahiry Jose, at what point are you going to take accountability?"

"She is a person who assault's people," Jonathan added. "My reaction is to diffuse situations with comedy... Her instant reaction is to hit and get aggressive. So, what you guys never saw, was first, that same day, she assaulted not one, not two, but three male crew members from the show with her purse. She assaulted them physically. When I addressed her about it, she says she doesn't remember." He said that Tahiry's excuse is that "she blacked out" and during a later incident, she confronted him angrily while pushing his head with her fingers.

Jonathan also added that he isn't speaking out because he's defending anyone or excusing domestic violence, but he believes Tahiry needs to take more responsibility for her actions. Check out his video below.

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