The grip seen around the world has Vado explaining himself once again. Recently, a clip from an episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition went viral after it showed rapper Vado getting upset with girlfriend Tahiry during a group therapy session. He's seen jumping up and grabbing Tahiry by the front of her shirt as he yells at her. Only the show's host, Dr. Ish, came to her rescue and pulled Vado off of Tahiry before walking him out of the room.

Vado later stated on social media that "nobody was hit" and asked for viewers to watch the entire episode to see the context of the situation. What was shown was Tahiry getting upset with Vado prior to their viral altercation and throwing two apples at him in anger. The public returned to social media to once again criticize the couple. So, Vado shared another explanation on Instagram.


"Nobody’s da victim we both were wrong doin me more because I’m a Man dat tried to take da better route but couldn’t once it was no apology n continuous of disrespect I lost it n went out like a Str8 Sucka," he wrote in a caption. "I apologize to all women once again but ladies please keep y’all hands to y’all selves 🙏🏽 #UsToo." Check out Vado's post along with a few reactions below.