TDE's resident songstress SZA has shown off several different hairstyles in the span of the last year, showing off her lime green locks and amazing her fans with her flawless curls. We're all waiting to hear some new music from the R&B goddess and it looks like that may finally come true. Before the arrival of her upcoming (and final?) album, SZA plans to drop a project full of songs she's been working on in her spare time. Even before that though, she debuted a new look (which helped earned her a coveted Hot Girl co-sign from Megan Thee Stallion).

Flaunting her brand new pink hair, SZA crouched down in her lounge pants and a bandeau to take a quick mirror selfie and post the results to her social media profiles. In the comments, a number of her superstar friends chimed in to compliment the singer on her beautiful new look, including Cardi B who deemed the hairstyle "pretty." Erykah Badu thinks SZA belongs on the "Hot Girl Summer" list while model Indya Marie, who was romantically linked to Chris Brown a few weeks ago, is feeling SZA's frog pose.

Who's feeling SZA's vibrant new hair colour? Do you think she should go back to natural or stick with this for a while?