Ever since Megan Thee Stallion burst onto the hip-hop scene, people have been paying attention close attention to her career and by extension, her music. It's clear that she has a lot of talent and promise which has resulted in a placement on the XXL Freshman List. Whether you like her or not, there is no denying that she will be here to stay for a while. She's part of a new wave of female rappers who are looking to cement themselves in the game amongst their male counterparts who have gotten all of the shine for far too long.

Meg started the "Hot Girl Summer" movement recently and pretty well every woman on the planet wants in. One of those women is none other than SZA, who got to meet Meg last night. During their encounter, which can be seen on SZA's IG story, Meg officially dubs the CTRL singer as a "Hot Girl." SZA also got spend some time with Rico Nasty during the encounter and she appeared to have a blast while sporting some pink hair.


With SZA joining the "Hot Girl Summer" craze, it will be interesting to see who else inherits the Hot Girl mantle from Meg. The City Boys will certainly need to add another player to their roster if they want to keep up.