It's no secret that Summer Walker has had a hard time in the spotlight. The R&B songstress has been open about her struggles with social anxiety and how difficult it's been managing the disorder while working in the music industry. She's had to cancel concerts and meet-and-greets for this very reason, which has garnered her some heavy scrutiny from the public. It should come as no surprise, then, that Summer recently declared on her Instagram story that she is "never making another song after 2020." While many artists have proclaimed their supposed retirement from music on social media (ahem, Ms. Minaj), at this point, it looks like Summer is pretty serious about her position.

Fans of the artist were quick to jump on Twitter to express their disappointment and beg Summer to reconsider.

Others, however, found the announcement unnecessary and attention-seeking, insisting that she should just disappear if she feels so inclined.

While it's always possible that Summer will change her mind, it looks like she's pretty "over it," as her debut album title goes.

Ser Baffo/Getty Images for BET