The National Rally for #MarchForOurLives has taken center stage today with the hip hop community making their presence felt among the many in attendance. On one hand there's a call for gun violence to end, there is also a practical need for the NRA's stranglehold over lawmaking to be upended on Capitol Hill. Instead of trying to counter the gun lobbyists by playing on their terms, people have decided to make a bold statement on the ground, nationwide. Here's a look at our hip hop faithful lending their support.

Here's a video of the march seen through the eyes of Ty Dolla $ign in Virginia Beach. "We Deserve Better" can be audibly heard. The group assembled takes over the streets and the sidelines, dragging forward a banner with the movement's slogan.

Mariah Carey drops a little love for the Stoneman Douglas students showing great courage in their return to school.

Tinashe posts a picture of a monument depicting a revolver with a warped barrel end, an image that is pretty straightforward.

Snoop Dogg has a message for the kids.

Clicking on the #MarchForOurLives hashtag reveals a who's who of hip hop patronage. Of course the issue of gun violence is intrinsically linked to hip hop. It would be irresponsible for rappers not to show up in protest in some shape or form.