Roughly a month following the release of her colorful Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1 project, Saweetie is back to remind us that Pretty Summer is still in full effect. In a recently shared video, Saweetie chops it up with Twitter to go #BehindTheTweets and provide some insight into some of her most quirky and heartfelt tweets. The video features plenty of funny and unexpected revelations, but one of the most serious moments came when Saweetie discussed one of her tweets from last summer, during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In this image released on May 23, Saweetie poses backstage for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, broadcast on May 23, 2021 at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.
Rich Fury/Getty Images

Saweetie's original tweet read, "I'm happy to see the outpouring of resources to foundations and families but it pains me to know that no amount of money can bring back the black lives we've lost. 

After reading the tweet aloud, Saweetie walks viewers through her personal experiences of seeing Black male family members like her father and uncle face injustice, and she also expresses a desire for tragedies like George Floyd's murder to be resolved before they result in the loss of life.

"I’ve seen my uncles, my dad endure these injustices," she says. "It’s just kinda like, I’d rather y’all start respecting Black people and stop shooting us down."

In addition to briefly speaking on police brutality, Saweetie also explains her lyrics, relives the moment when she got a tongue piercing a college, and her strange appetite. Check out Saweetie's full #BehindtheTweets explanation video below.