People really think Saweetie is down bad following her split from Quavo. The rapper has been hyping up the release of her upcoming debut album, Pretty Bitch Music, for the last few months and, over the weekend, she decided to show some love to her fans with an impromptu performance on the Santa Monica Pier. The rapper took the microphone and performed her new single "Fast (Motion)" which had a lot of people talking on social media. Critics were mostly concerned with the donation jar encouraging fans to leave money for the rapper. However, according to Saweetie, she wasn't personally asking for tips-- all of the money was going toward an up-and-coming artist's pockets.

Saweetie caused an uproar when people noticed that she was asking for change during her impromptu busking performance but according to her, she wasn't actually pocketing the cash. Addressing the situation on Instagram Live, the rapper revealed that she had seen an unsigned artist singing when she asked to perform her new song, leaving him the donations when she wrapped up.

"Was I asking money? No, girl, I wasn't asking for no money yesterday," she said during her live stream. "Actually, yesterday was a spur of the moment and it was fun. We were at the Santa Monica Pier and I saw this upcoming artist, he was singing with his microphone. I was like, you know what, I got a new single so I'm gonna just perform for my fans because I love them so much and a couple of people noticed me. All the proceeds and donations from that tip jar was given to him."

Since her split with Quavo, people have been coming for Saweetie's pockets. There were rumors that Quavo had one of Saweetie's cars, a Bentley that he bought her for Christmas, repossessed amid their breakup. That has prompted a slew of presumptuous comments assuming that Saweetie is strapped for cash these days. Rest assured, she's still pretty and paid.

Watch her explanation video below.