After being hunkered down in her artist boot camp, Saweetie has reemerged and is now hot on the press circuit. The rapper recently revealed that she'd been under a lockdown to improve her overall skills, but once she released her latest single "Fast (Motion)," the Bay Area artist is back in full effect. Aside from her music moves, Saweetie has made headlines over her acrimonious split from Migos rapper Quavo, but in an interview with E!'s Nightly Pop, she made it clear that the last thing she's worried about at the moment is sparking up a new romance.

"What is my love life like? It's the pillows, the studio, and putting more money into my bank account," said Saweetie.

Saweetie, Quavo, Dating, Nightly Pop
Dave Kotinsky / Stringer / Getty Images

After having a laugh with the hosts, she said, "That's my love language right now." Adding, "This is for all my women out there. I just feel like after a relationship, relationships take up a lot of time. So, right now, I'm just getting back to self because perfecting my craft is my number one priority and if, you know, if Cupid find me and shoot me then, shoot me, baby."

"But, until then, I'm working." Check out more from the interview below to hear Saweetie talk about the public thirsting over her father, how she practices self-care, and how the rapper is preparing for the Billboard Music Awards.