Having just announced her new FENTY Skin line and plans for her next album, Rihanna spoke with Bazaar for the magazine’s September cover story, sharing details about her life and highly anticipated skin care products. 

The story details how Rihanna quickly transitioned from musical fame into a full fledged boss in the business world by launching Fenty Beauty in 2017. As author Kahlana Barfield Brown highlights, Rihanna was able to generate $100 million in sales in the brand’s first six weeks and $550 million in its first year alone. 

Diving into her previous personal encounters with Rih, Brown argues that Rihanna’s success in the beauty and fashion industry is due to her down to earth nature and keen social awareness. She recollects meeting Rihanna back in 2007, saying that she hugged her, introducing herself as “Robyn” and giving off the “type of down-to-earth vibe you’d expect from a homegirl you’ve known since middle school.” Rihanna's character, Brown says, has translated into her products, which intentionally feature an array of shades accessible to black women. 

In addition, Rihanna also acknowledges her mother as a central source of inspiration for her brand. “She knew everything about perfume, skin care, and makeup,” she says. “She never let me wear makeup, but I was secretly fascinated. So when she’d leave home, I would play around with hers.”

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