We may be witnessing signs of dissension from one of hip-hop's favorite couples. Quavo and Saweetie are "relationship goals" to a lot of hip-hop fans but they may be having some trouble staying afloat because, as The Shade Room and other blogs noticed, they've both hit that "unfollow" button on each other.

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On Wednesday night, it was reported that Saweetie unfollowed her boyfriend Quavo on Instagram. While, at the time, Quavo was still following his icy princess, that changed overnight when Quavo also hit the "unfollow" switch. This doesn't automatically signal that the couple is headed towards a break-up, but it could definitely hint at something in that realm. Of course, they could also just be in the middle of a petty couple fight, taking temporary measures to not look out for one another before getting back to their lovefest.

Still, with these reports, fans are already predicting the worst and wondering about what possibly could have gone wrong to cause a rift between Quavo and Saweetie, two people who seemed to be madly in love.

Do you think we'll be hearing about the end of their relationship soon? Here's hoping that this is just a false alarm and everything is alright with these two lovebirds.

Recently, Saweetie was a guest on Respectfully Justin with her ex-boyfriend Justin Combs and Instagram star Justin Laboy. Things got a little awkward at times between the rapper and Combs, given their past relationship. At one point, Saweetie was asked about whether she would consider having a threesome if Quavo wanted one, and her answer shook up the room. Read more about that here.

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