It looks like politics may have gotten in the way of love as Lil Wayne and his girlfriend Denise Bidot have allegedly unfollowed each other on social media, seemingly pointing to their breakup.

Lil Wayne's fans have pointed out how much happier the rap legend has been as of late, signaling his relationship with Denise Bidot as a positive thing for him. Unfortunately, people are assuming that they're headed toward a split after Tunechi's endorsement of President Donald Trump, with neither of the two following each other on social media anymore.

According to several gossip sources, including MTO News, Denise Bidot and Lil Wayne may have broken up. If you look through Denise Bidot's following list, you will no longer find Lil Wayne (@liltunechi) in there. On the rapper's side, he is not following anybody on Instagram. 

There are signs pointing to this report being premature though, with Denise keeping photos of herself and Wayne on her feed. Just a few days ago, she also praised her boyfriend for his performance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. However, that was prior to his Trump support.

In addition to the unfollow, Denise allegedly updated her page with a message saying, "Sometimes love just isn't enough", alongside a broken heart emoji.

As of right now, neither side has confirmed a breakup. We will keep you posted on this situation but, for now, it's all just gossip.