For those of you still unfamiliar, meet Action Bronson, government name Arian Asllani, a 29-year-old chef-turned-rapper of Albanian descent. The 5’8, 300lb native of Flushing, Queens, New York City is a father of two, a friend of Saved by the Bell’s Mr. Belding and a former chef for the New York Mets. Having enlisted in the rap game not three years ago after an injury in the kitchen, he’s one of the most intriguing rappers to emerge on the scene in quite some time, and is becoming an increasingly beloved presence in hip-hop.

After a slew of independent releases backed by labels such as Fool’s Gold and Fine Fabric Delegates, Bronson recently signed a deal with Vice Records (a Warner Brothers imprint that also backs the Black Lips and Snoop Lion), coming under Paul Rosenburg’s Goliath Artists management, home to Eminem, Cypress Hill and The Alchemist. 

Read on for a breakdown of what Action's doing right.