Ever since transitioning from a rap career to his current role as a hip-hop commentator, Joe Budden has been sharing his divisive opinion all over the place. From his regular podcast to the new State of the Culture show, Joe always has something to say. Some might think he has no clue what he's talking about but when he combines forces with Scottie Beam, Remy Ma, and Jinx, there's a lot of knowledge being thrown around. Discussing the hottest topics in the culture over the past week, the latest episode centred on Kanye West's behavior. However, the hosts also found time to speak on Cardi B's legal situation, which did not please her husband in the slightest. 

Budden got passionate when speaking about how Cardi has no room to make mistakes as a superstar. Especially when that mistake involves how she allegedly sent men to a strip club to beat up two women. Last week, Bardi turned herself in and was hit with two criminal charges. As she awaits her court date, Budden & Co. spoke on the happenings on the show. Offset clapped back in an Instagram comment, telling the commentator to keep his wife's name out of his mouth. "U a grown ass n***a speaking on women," started the Migos rapper. "I seen u in Barnes and u ran like I was gone do sum to you." 

Offset didn't stop there as he continued, "U a h*e ass N***a soon u get touched u gone be police." Obviously, Set isn't pleased about Cardi's name being brought up but at the end of the day, it's Joe's job to speak on these sorts of things. The crew discusses Cardi's situation at 25:27.