NLE Choppa is woke as ever, completing his spiritual transformation by sharing his new vegan lifestyle with his fans, growing vegetables in his backyard garden and urging everyone to employ a similar approach. He has taken aim at fast-food restaurants for dabbling into the plant-based market as though it's a passing trend, singling out McDonald's, Burger King, and other giants

As he continues to educate himself, he appears to be opening his third eye and becoming more spiritually awake through meditation, yoga, and other means. Despite some questionable statements, including one where he claimed that a "new earth was forming", he's been pretty spot-on with some things. 

Unfortunately, with his new demeanor, he's also seemingly heavily influenceable, leaning on a Bill Gates-mentioning conspiracy theory to try and sway his followers into taking an anti-vaxx stance.

Vaccines have been in development all year to help stop the spread of COVID-19, which has taken over 230,000 lives in the United States alone. From the sounds of it though, NLE Choppa will not be taking a vaccine.

Responding to Lil Uzi Vert's tweet, which had nothing to do with vaccines, NLE Choppa said:

"Vaccines, Developed by @BillGates, Will alter the DNA with a RNA Coding that will remove parts of your DNA and replace it with GENETIC CODING (TECHNOLOGY) This will disable the ability of spirituality and cause people to HAVE to cooperate with the New World Order/One World Order."

He followed up by hanging out with his herbalist friend, discussing everything from meat consumption, drugs, and "mass awakening" on a government level.