NLE Choppa has been changing up his content as of late is coming through with a lot of advice for his fans. Essentially, NLE wants them to live healthier lifestyles that will benefit them well into old age. This new awakening has turned him into a more zen-like figure in the world of hip-hop, and it appears as though this change in lifestyle will soon be reflected in his music.

Fans have also noticed that NLE has some interesting new thoughts on the world and everything that is going on right now. In fact, Choppa recently took to his Twitter account with a theory of what's going to happen during the Winter Solstice. Simply put, the rapper claims the sun will disappear for three days and the earth will be reborn into a new planet.

“Dec 21st or around that time the sun will go down for 3 days,” NLE wrote. “If you haven’t been meditating, grounding, eating the right food, or just doing spirtual work period you might not make it to the new earth that’s forming.”

Scientifically, this simply cannot happen as the planet would effectively freeze over without the sun's presence. Regardless, you can't help but think about the possibilities and what would happen if NLE were to be right on this.