Many artists in the Hip Hop and R&B worlds have adopted healthier lifestyles as they've gravitated to cleaner, vegan or vegetarian diets. Jermaine Dupri, Andre 3000, Janet Jackson, YG, RZA, and many others have made the shift, and it looks as if NLE Choppa has joined the movement. The young rapper has taken to his social media accounts to preach on the importance of a healthier lifestyle, and he's even shown off his budding garden where he plans to grow his own food. Because of his new outlook, NLE Choppa has also spoken out against Travis Scott's McDonald's meal, urging consumers not to purchase the coveted burger. The outrage has caused Jack Harlow to move in with a few jokes.

Jack Harlow, Travis Scott, McDonald's NLE Choppa
Carmen Mandato / Stringer / Getty Images

On Instagram, Jack Harlow was taking a few questions from his fans over on his Stories. Someone asked him if he had tried Travis Scott's McDonald's meal and the XXL Freshman couldn't help but tease Choppa just a bit. "I been wanting to go but yesterday I heard NLE Chakra say that they use human meat and it was enough to make me say hmmmm i might not go."

"NLE Chakra" hasn't responded to the playful jab just yet. Even without Jack Harlow's support, it's been reported that McDonald's has been faced with a food shortage due to the popularity of their Cactus Jack meals.

Jack Harlow, NLE Choppa, Travis Scott, McDonalds