After receiving backlash following the New York Times report that Nipsey Hussle was—and still is—at the center of an investigation into his gang ties, the Los Angeles Police Department is attempting to clarify information, according to TMZ. As we previously reported, the NYT revealed that the LAPD was looking into Nipsey, his finances, his business ventures, and his business partners, at the time of his death. The investigation is reportedly still ongoing even after his murder, but according to TMZ, the LAPD has shared that their probe isn't necessarily Nipsey-centered.

The outlet says that the Nipsey wasn't the direct target of the department's investigation, but police were concerned about the gang activity around his Marathon Clothing store on the corner of Slauson Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard. TMZ stated their sources are allegedly from two separate agencies and neither would give specifics on exactly what they are investigating other than attempting to eliminate the enduring gang influences in the area.

There also weren't any details given as to how Nipsey was directly connected to the investigation, but the rapper wasn't shy about his affiliation with the Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips. As a community activist, however, it isn't surprising that the Nipsey was being investigated. Hopefully, the LAPD has also noted that Nipsey adhered to his own set of strict rules when it came to his establishments, helped those released from prison—especially gang members—integrate back into society by giving them jobs and clothing, and spoke out openly against gang violence.