Although the phrase says "family over everything," that isn't easy for everyone. Some people have grown up in dysfunctional households which makes relying on family an impossibility. It's difficult to find someone who doesn't have an issue with at least one member of their family, but Nicki Minaj seems to be in a better place now that she's shared a video with her father.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

"My Dad & lil sister Ming 🥰," Nicki wrote in the caption. Singer Monica responded, "She’s so beautiful ! She looks like you @nickiminaj," and Skai Jackson added, "She’s so pretty ❤️❤️." It's unclear how old Nicki's younger sister is, but the family resemblance can certainly be seen. It was less than two years ago when Nicki described what it was like growing up with her father who she said was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

In her Queen documentary, Nicki shared that when she was younger, she would have to step in to keep her father from physically abusing her mother. This new video suggests that they may be on a healthy road to healing their past. We wonder if Nicki's little sister will follow in her music industry footsteps? Check out the clip below.