Her last bout of internet shenanigans birthed a collaboration with Nicki Minaj, so Megan Thee Stallion fans are hoping her "Hot Girl Summer" turn up with Lizzo will do the same. On Wednesday, Megan shared a clip on Instagram that showed Lizzo taking a bottle of cognac to the dome, a moment that can only lead to good times and bad decisions. 

In the past, Megan has wrangled some of her friends who have attempted to drive the boat with her including Trina and Draya Michele, but her most recent antics with "Juice" singer have been lighting up the internet. Although Lizzo was born in Detroit, she moved to Houston as a child so she a Megan have a H-Town bond that they shouted out during their first D'usse chugging video.

The duo shared a follow-up musical clip to give fans a taste of what they've been up to in the summer heat, and unsurprisingly, Lizzo was playing the flute while Megan was dropping it low. Thee Stallion recently received accolades from Big Freedia, New Orleans' bounce queen, for her twerking skills, so it was only fitting that she showed off her shake just one more time. Fans don't seem to grow tired of Megan's Hot Girl Summer high jinks, especially if that means they can get her and Lizzo into the studio.