You're either a City Girl/Boy this summer or a Hot Girl/Boy, there's no in-between. This summer was easily defined by Megan Thee Stallion's Hottie movement and City Girls' "Act Up" single that has undoubtedly served as an anthem to twerk to. However, that might not mean that City Girls' are better at twerking. In fact, if you ask Big Freedia, she'll let you know that Yung Miami nor the incarcerated JT have earned a spot in the twerker hall of fame, at least not just yet.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Big Freedia recently chopped it up with Global Grind about several topics from twerking to speculation that Odell Beckham Jr. was gay. Twerking's played a big role in New Orleans culture far before Miley Cyrus attempted to co-opt it during her "ratchet" phase (and even until this day). But Big Freedia was asked about her opinion on the twerking skills of City Girls and Megan Thee Stallion. Needless to say, the "Big Ole Freak" deserves a place in the twerk hall of fame.

"Everybody loves Megan Thee Stallion. I mean, I haven’t really seen Meg twerk but once on Instagram. But yea she would get the title right now. It sure ain’t the City Girls," she revealed. "I mean they just don’t twerk. They got a hot song but they don’t twerk." 

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