If you haven't watched Soulja Boy's epic meltdown on Instagram Live yet, you're seriously missing out. The rapper told all of his fans that he had the biggest comeback of 2018, ferociously shading Tyga by repeating his name in different intonations. In all honestly, Tyga had a real musical comeback in 2018. Soulja Boy may argue that he was more successful but when it comes to music and music alone, he didn't make half the splash that T-Raw did. We're not denying the fact that he probably made millions in 2018 though and we're definitely not trying to take anything away from Soulja either. The man released like a thousand mixtapes. After Meek Mill, Tory Lanez and Trippie Redd trolled Young Drako by making their own "TYGA!?" videos, Lil Yachty decided it was his turn.

Lil Boat is admittedly a fan of Soulja Boy. He has listed the "Crank Dat" artist as an influence in the past but this opportunity was too good to pass on. The "One Night" rapper got up close to the camera and yelled, "Tyga!? N***a, Tyga?? You n***as talkin' 'bout Tyga?" He then goes on to jokingly act as Big Soulja, echoing that he had the biggest comeback of the entire year. 

This trend looks like it'll continue as Soulja has effectively made himself into a meme. Who did your favorite impression so far?