When you make it, you need to put on for your day-ones and that is something that Lil Yachty will happily do. The man has more than enough money to go around, copping himself Cam'ron's old chain for $250K last week and gifting his friend with a new whip for his birthday. Proving himself to be one generous dude, Yachty is at it again, blessing his friend who just got out of prison with some valuable material goods.

Back in 2016, Lil Boat rapped alongside Quavo in the track "No Hook," singing, "Free my brother Nino out there servin' crack addicts/ Free my brother Nino out there makin' trap magic." While it's unclear how long Brother Nino was locked up for, Yachty made sure he was spoiled on his first day out. Nino was all over Yachty's Instagram page yesterday as he showed off his new gifts: unreleased Versace sneakers and a Rolex watch. While we're sure Nino would have been content receiving a briefcase full of cash, the Versace & Rolex combo couldn't have upset him. Nino seemed overjoyed when he received his new ice, grinning as he stunted his Rollie on his first day out of jail.

It definitely pays to be friends with Lil Yachty if designer clothes, collectible watches, and fast cars are involved. Boat is living the good life and he's willing to share it with all of his friends.