Lil Yachty is known to be a generous giver of gifts, as demonstrated when he gifted Quavo a decent $27k for his 27th birthday earlier this month. This time, it was Yachty's producer and best friend Earl The Pearl's turn to have a birthday, and Yachty made certain that it would be one to remember. 

In an Instagram video, Earl is walked out of a house with hands over his eyes, only to be greeted with the sight of Yachty dancing in front of a bright-red, brand new Corvette. 

Earl can hardly maintain his excitement in the video, only managing to say "Chill the fuck out" as he examines his new whip, presumably he's too shocked by the gift to express himself any further. 

Yachty isn't shy about copping new whips. Last month he casually flexed on Twitter that he bought a brand new car, his 6th apparently, out of sheer boredom. The car, a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, is the same color of red as Earl's brand new Corvette, so the two of them can race around together in style.

Yachty has a lot to celebrate about, as he recently released his new albumLil Boat 2, to a number two debut on the Billboard 200 chart. He's also got an upcoming tape with Gucci Mane and the MigosGlacier Boyz, which is supposedly supposed to drop any day now.

If anyone knows a good way to become Yachty's best friend, please let me know. Otherwise, check out the video of his new car's reveal down below.