Lil Yachty's one of the most iced out rappers in the came, atleast within the new generation of rappers. He has a serious jewelry game and each one of them seem to cost a hefty amount. Most recently, the rapper copped a brand new world spinning chain, however, the chain has some cool history behind it.

Yachty's latest chain was previously owned by Killa Cam himself, TMZ reports. Yachty's new "Yachty's World" chain was bought in New York City from Rafaello & Co. Jewelers and it turns out it was previously hanging off of Cam'Ron's neck in the early 2000's and also read, "Killa Cam Harlem World" before Yachty switched it to "Yachty's World."

Yachty was quick to pounce on the opportunity to cop this one of a kind piece. Apparently, Gabriel Jacobs of the jewelry company said that it was about to be melted down until Yachty swooped in and updated the chain. The chain is covered in a 150 carats of diamonds and is reportedly worth $250K. It's definitely a solid chain and more so than a nice piece of jewelry, it's also a piece of hip hop history. The chain is also battery operated which keeps it continuously spinning. 

Aside from his new purchase, he also recently copped his best friend a new Corvette for their birthday. It's safe to say that Yachty got money coming in.