Lil Uzi Vert has already released three full-length projects this year. Eternal Atake was arguably snubbed out of any nominations at the GRAMMY Awards, maintaining momentum as one of the top-selling albums of the year. The week after its release, he followed up with the deluxe edition, otherwise known as LUV Vs. The World 2. Then, just a few weeks ago, he came through with his long-anticipated collaborative project with Future, titled Pluto x Baby Pluto. A deluxe edition of Pluto x Baby Pluto is also out, featuring six new songs from the two artists.

The 26-year-old artist has been overloading us with new music, but nobody is complaining. In fact, it seems like the demand just keeps getting higher for his releases, with fans begging him to re-visit his 2016 sound. Uzi is happily obliging, previewing several new songs that fit right into his old aesthetic

In a brand new message to his fans via Twitter Voice Notes, Uzi gave more insight into what he's currently working on, teasing another full-length project to align with the 2016-sounding music he's been recording.

"I love you! Yeah, it's Lil Uzi Vert," introduced the artist. "Nah, it's really Uzi though. Side note though, I love you and I'm really gonna go crazy, bruh. This time when I drop, I'm gonna go crazy. I was psyched out and now I'm back. Rawr. But for real though, bow!"

Previously, Lil Uzi Vert said that every time Playboi Carti releases new music, he'll be doing the same. If that's still the plan, he'll likely be coming with something soon because, if Carti's teasers mean everything, Whole Lotta Red could be arriving in the very near future.