Despite them only going public with their relationship a few months ago, Lil Uzi Vert and JT have quickly risen pretty high on the list of fan-favorite hip-hop couples. They've shown off their cute and goofy sides as they fall deeper in love and it looks like they've formed a pretty tight bond after playing around with each other during the early days of their relationship. They both have no problem being affectionate with one another on social media, pridefully showering each other with kind words, affirmation, and love

After keeping fans shielded from their relationship status for the first year of their coupledom, it looks like Uzi and JT have taken the next step in their love story, posing for a brand new magazine cover together as part of their first joint shoot. As reported by multiple blogs on Instagram, the couple will reportedly be on the cover of Arena Homme +, a fashion magazine for men. The two rappers stripped down to their underwear for the pictures, with JT caressing her man's face and torso. 

The sexy picture hasn't gone without its fair share of criticism though. A ton of people are very confused about the cover, pointing out some things that are throwing them off. For starters, we all know Lil Uzi is a man of pretty short stature. He doesn't stand much taller than JT, yet, on the cover, he towers over her. "What they got him standing on?" asked one fan in the comments. Others are wondering why Uzi's face looks a little off in the shot, pondering whether he was edited in and asking why he had to make that facial expression. "Why it look like they photo shopped his head on his body," commented another confused fan. "He couldn’t make another face," said another.

Let us know what you think of Lil Uzi Vert and JT's magazine cover debut.

Are you a fan of the cover? Read some of the comments below, and scroll to the very end to check out another image from the Homme + photoshoot.