Lil Pump was the best celebrity endorsement that Donald Trump could get at the last minute. That alone should tell you something...

The Florida rapper has been losing relevancy with each passing month as he struggles to maintain the same level of fame that he enjoyed at the height of "Gucci Gang". He has resorted to social media antics to keep his money up and, this week, it seems as though he found a new way to generate attention.

Endorsing Trump for re-election, Lil Pump has been screaming "MAGA 202020" all over the place, even speaking at Trump's rally last night. When he was introduced to the stage, Trump, who clearly had no clue who the rapper was, welcomed him as "Lil Pimp". He corrected himself after a staffer likely told him he messed up in his earpiece, but it's become a running joke that Pump himself is seemingly happy to run with.

Experiencing a surge in media coverage, Lil Pump made sure to keep people talking, undergoing some changes on his Instagram account and embracing his new nickname. 

His new name on the platform reads as such: "Lil Pimp MAGA 202020". He has also been sharing pictures and videos from last night's rally on social media, retweeting reactions from his appearance.

Do you think Lil Pump's endorsement convinced more than a handful of people to vote Trump?