A few things are guaranteed in this life: death, taxes... and Lil Pump disrespecting money. It's been a few weeks since the last time the 18-year-old rapper posted a video of himself urinating onto his money but, for some reason, he's back with another one. Only this time, he ended up getting his hands dirty at the end.

Lord knows why he continues to pee on top of his money. It's an absurd concept to me... If you've got it, why not just spend it, lock it up in the bank or a safe, or flex in some other less obnoxious way? The Florida native posted a new video of himself in the United Kingdom, throwing a stack of British pounds onto the stairs before proceeding to urinate on top of the money. It may have been humorous the first time he did this but now, it's just puzzling. Also, it's really disgusting that his team is just allowing him to pee on the stairs.

The star admits that he "fired [his] manager" after he refused to pick up the ruined money. Somebody had to preserve the cash though so Pump got his hands dirty, picked up the funds he had just pissed on and gathered it all in a bag. Again, we're not entirely sure why he keeps doing this. Does anyone enjoy it?