Sometimes, boredom can make you do weird things. You might navigate a new section on Netflix or bring out one of your favorite board games. If you're really bored, you might even send your ex-girlfriend a risky text message. However, I've never gotten to a point where I've been so bored that I decided to pile up a stack of cash in the sink and proceed to urinate on it. For some reason, Lil Pump thought it would be really cool to pee all over his hard-earned bills. His explanation? Oh, you know, he was just bored.

Lil Pump has made some really questionable decisions during his time in the spotlight. There's no denying that he has the ability to create a hit song. We've seen that happen a few times with the most recent instance being his collaboration with Kanye West, "I Love It." While he may only be 18-years-old, it's shocking to imagine what clicks in a human being's brain to make them want to take a video of themselves pissing into a sink full of money. Seriously, it's perplexing. Thankfully, you can see the rapper grab a water bottle that was placed on the mirror he's facing for a split second, so at least he's just pretending. Is that even worse though? That he thinks he needs to pull stunts like this for shock value?

All in all, this is just plain weird. Pump has a lot of money and he can do whatever he wants with it. Next time he decides to take a leak into the sink though, we just hope he doesn't film it.