Lil Pump is clinging to a thread, trying to maintain relevancy by becoming one of the most vocal supporters of Donald Trump in the rap community. He has previously said that, if Joe Biden wins tonight's election, he'll move out of the country, which is something that nobody appears to have an issue with. 

Last night, Pump was invited to speak on stage at Trump's rally, being introduced as "Lil Pimp". He told the crowd not to cast a vote for "Sleepy Joe" and pledged his allegiance to the "Trump 202020" campaign. 

JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images

With Pump actually going above and beyond to seek attention and appeal to a Republican base, who has no idea who he even is, this is a new low for the Miami-based rapper. 

Reactions to his rally appearance have been even-sided but, in the hip-hop world, people seem to be involving J. Cole in this, having somewhat of a "told you so" moment

J. Cole tried getting through to Lil Pumpinterviewing the rapper and speaking about the future of his career but, as expected, Pump didn't listen much and is continuing to choose antics over a sustainable career in music. People want Cole to comment on this situation, which he likely will not do, screenshotting themselves listening to "1985" and commenting on Lil Pump's downfall.

What do you think Cole would say about Pump appearing at a Trump rally?