A testament to how hip-hop has dominated the charts in the last half-decade, Lil Baby is dangerously close to passing Eminem in terms of who has the most overall entries on the Billboard Hot 100. After charting a grand total of sixteen songs from his collaborative album with Lil Durk last week, the Atlanta rapper officially has ninety total entries on the chart. For comparison's sake, hip-hop legend Eminem has ninety-one entries over his long-spanning career.

While the two rappers don't necessarily have parallel career paths, this statistic speaks more to how music consumption has changed globally in the last few years. Hip-hop has overtaken pop as the top genre, meaning that more hip-hop songs are charting these days. Even deeper album cuts will end up on the Hot 100, whereas Eminem didn't have those same opportunities when he was at the biggest point of his career. Considering the fact that Lil Baby hasn't been in the game for that long, it may be surprising to see that he's already caught up to some of the greats in this aspect. In fact, he seems destined to catch up to Drake, the man who helped him launch his major platform, in the coming years.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Right now, Drake has 233 total entries on the chart. He's followed by Lil Wayne with 173, Future with 123, Nicki Minaj with 118, Kanye West with 109, and JAY-Z with 102. If Lil Baby releases another album before the end of this year, he likely has a chance to pass Eminem, JAY-Z, and maybe even Kanye West before the end of 2021. How crazy is that?

Check out the top-ranking rappers on the Billboard Hot 100's all-time list below and let us know if you think Lil Baby is coming for legend status.