Netflix continues to churn out original content at a truly fascinating rate. Today, the streaming giant have come forth with the trailer for The After Party, which stars an absolute cavalcade of hip-hop talents. While cameo appearances from Wiz Khalifa, Pusha T, Desiigner, Tee Grizzley, French Montana, Jadakiss, and DJ Khaled are locked in, the film looks to be anchored by Kyle, who holds it down with his biggest acting role to date. With the film set to drop on August 24th, the first official trailer has surfaced, giving an extensive look at what seems to be the entirety of the plot. 

One of the more memorable scenes arises when Kyle's character takes a hit of that Khalifa Kush, only for it to have some unexpected consequences; during a formative concert, Kyle's nerves and weed-induced spins conquer his physical fortitude, resulting in a tried and true vomit shower. Unfortunately for Wiz, his laid-back demeanor rendered him incapable of escape. Those who derive glee from bodily humor should find much to love in this particular gag. 

For the most part, the film looks to center around standard thematic fare, with the added element of Entourage-esque real-world interactions. The concept of "going viral" seems to play a heavy role in the story, and one has to wonder if The After Party will provide any social commentary beyond the surface level. Still, there are plenty of big names, and the budget looks rapper-appropriate. Peep the trailer below.