Kodak Black provided an update for all those concerned about the incarcerated rapper. After it was reported yesterday that he had plead guilty to additional gun charges, the rapper shared a handwritten letter via Instagram on Thursday, where he sought out to explain all of the troubling stories that have been circulating about his life in prison. He reveals that he's been ordered to spend 30 days in solitary confinement at his new facility for an incident involving a correctional officer, possibly referring to the fight he was involved in that landed a C.O. in the hospital. According to the letter, his commissary, phone, and email privileges have been confiscated. While his mind seems to be all over the place in his message, he does mention a recent visit with his lawyer, Brad Cohen, where he signed some contracts. He also makes sure to shout out his Sniper Gang artists JackBoy, Lil DJ, and his brother, John Wicks, and other artists like 22Gz, Jennaske and C-Dubb. He also mentions Zendaya, whom he professed his love to on Valentine's Day, and Meek Mill, letting him know he has an answer to some question he was asked on CNN.

"RoadRunner Bill !" he begins. "Ya so I Put dat Shit in gear..Im shiftin good right na, in a literal sense ! DATPART Lol. I went to DHo for the shot. They gave me 60 days in the box but suspended the 30 on Dude end. I gotta do the 30 for the C.O. incident. F*ck it im on cruise control ! They hit me cross the head tho on everything else. They took my commissary 6m, Phone & the email. They left my visit but I ain't anticipating that right na. Prolly later ! Everything z I just ain't like how dem people was playin on my [?] ! DATPART. YAY..Ya know that boy Brad come saw me, laced me on "cool" appeal situation. Tell Jackboy tell cool 'I LOVE em & can't wait to re-unite.' Das my Dirty Forreal. Jackboy & DJ ain't neva gotta question my Love, Kuz das a Boomerang !"

Kodak black handwritten letter prison conditions Zendaya Jennaske 22Gz Lil DJ JackBoy Meek Mill C-Dubb John WicksTheo Wargo/Getty Images for TIDAL

"Boi Brad my snipe, it felt warm to sit down & YAK wit em real quick, he like he wanna view me win. We really was just kickin sh*t. I signed few lil contracts, you know I jus B surgical bra. Aye holla @ Pucci fame, he know where one of my stashes @ tell him dig up 15K & give it to my momma her Z-day in a few days. Let me find out Zendaya on her Z sh*t Boi. Everybody screaming 'Jennaske !' I'm Proud of her, [?] That's da Homie ! LJ Blessing da world with his Blessing, that's my snipe ! Sh*t always Gleeful I just be sittin back laughing @ alotta sh*t. Tell BLOOD I still Love em, Das my momma son & y'all let meek mills Know I got the answer to that question they asked em on CNN ! Z Sh*t, im in the Belly of the Beast this where da answers @ I got a different Kite fa that tho. 'Because of You' better go platinum by my Z-day too, skr8 up ! Send 22Gz my Love as well, the song me, him & Jackboy did finna be on the album. N*gga in dem trenches Forreal But this [?] come from ima Z Ight & the cops dem ain't no bullsh*t here. Anyway Bra I ain't really want nun, I was jus creaming real Kwik Bra Love Z Safe !" Kodak is reportedly facing 2-7 more years in prison for the additional gun charges. His sentencing date is set for March 24th.