Many expected Kanye West to release his forthcoming project, Jesus Is King today. Conflicting reports have emerged in recent times -- rumors swirled saying that the album wasn't dropping this week while Kim Kardashian seemingly confirmed it would drop today. No album on streaming services from Kanye West has popped up yet but he is hosting Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Experience tonight in Detroit.

Nobody is quite sure what the mysterious event is, including the venue that's hosting it. After Kanye's publicist confirmed that the project would, indeed, arrive tonight at 8 p.m., people from Universal Music Group told DJBooth that wasn't the case. But Kim Kardashian, once again, seems to say otherwise. She took to Instagram to share an updated version of the project's tracklist which includes songs like "Water," "New Body" and more. 

The tracklist differs from the one that Kim shared when first announcing the project in August. The first tracklist had 12 songs while the updated version only has 10. Clearly, 'Ye hasn't actually committed to only producing seven-song projects moving forward.

So it looks like September 27th is actually the day we'll get Kanye's new album. Interestingly enough, it was roughly a year ago this time that Kanye West planned to release Yandhi. We never got that project and it's unclear if we ever will but at least we're getting Jesus Is King