Well, it looks like Yandhi won't be arriving this year but I have good news for Kanye West fans -- he won't be leaving you empty-handed this year. As you've probably seen on Instagram and Twitter over the months, Kanye West has been hosting his weekly Sunday Service event. It's an exclusive event that seems to only be open to the public of a few occasions. However, it looks like the Sunday Service event was actually the lead up to the release of a new project.

Jenny Anderson/Getty Images

It appears as though a new Kanye West project is coming next month around the same date he was supposed to drop Yandhi in 2018. Kim Kardashian took to Twitter where she shared what appeared to be a tracklist for a project titled,  Jesus Is King. The tracklist consists of 12-songs, although no guest appearances are listed. From what it seems, the project will be arriving on September 27th which is an interesting time since Yandhi was expected to drop on September 29th, 2018. The songs also appear to seem to be inspired by biblical references.

The timing of the announcement is interesting since Yandhi has been plagued by leaks in the past few months. Pusha T recently spoke out against the leaks on Twitter. "I hate it, luckily we are talented beyond measure and can always cook up more. But I honestly hate it for the sake of making an event of a song or project, it ruins all that we have in store for u guys," he wrote.

Check out the tracklist for Jesus Is King below.