Seemingly overnight, Juice WRLD catapulted himself into massive success with his song "Lucid Dreams," which made its way to the top three spots of the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week.

Having noticed his starling come up, Billboard has decided to do an interview/photoshoot with Juice, where they asked him about his songwriting process, and who his biggest inspirations are. 

As far as artists who inspire him, Juice has a pretty eclectic list. "Black Sabbath, Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, and Kid Cudi, and Travis Scott" says Juice. That last one in particular is notable, as Travis apparently holds a very special place in Juice's heart. 

"I don't think I speak on that a lot, but Travis is one of my favorite artists," Juice says. "I remember when I was a sophomore in high school, when I used to write raps. This is none of the stuff I've ever recorded. I used to be like, 'How would Travis say this?'"

Listening to Juice's music, the Travis influence is pretty apparent, though Juice has differentiated himself in terms of some of the subject matter that he chooses to tackle in his songs. While he admits that they haven't actually met yet, Juice is keen on the prospect. When asked what he would like to see from that meeting, he responds, "Hopefully a collaboration, maybe a drinking contest or something."

We're still waiting on Travis to drop his upcoming album, Astroworld, so there's still time for Juice to make an appearance on it if he acts fast enough.